Season is in full swing!

If you have traveled on any roads in Collier County, I am sure you have noticed the increase in traffic. Seems season is early this year. Maybe everyone wants to escape the cold weather of the north, a little early. Whatever it is, get ready, things are about to get real busy.

My customers are starting to return for the Winter. It’s about half and half for me. Half my customers Come for the Winter and the other half come and go throughout the year. For the half returning now, I am getting their homes ready for them. Cleaning, pressure washing the lanai, rolling out the patio furniture and stocking up on supplies for them. Scheduling airport picks ups and much more. This year I will be doing a lot more cleaning for my customers as well, while they are here. I did a little last year, and people were extremely happy. When I clean, I don’t mess around. I also have quiet a few parties booked, where I go and help with anything that is needed.

I think this season is going to be a good one.

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Time for maintenance

It is that time of the year. Maintenance time on your air conditioning unit. We all know how important our ac’s are. Down here in SWFL you do not want to be without! I have set up many visits over the past month. I meet the air conditioning company, let them in and wait while they work, and close up when they are finished. When they are done I notify my customer of the work that was performed and any recommendations or repairs that are needed.

Maintenance on your ac is very important. I use to run an Air Conditioning/Heating company. Down here you should have two tune ups per year. This will definitely help prolong the life of your ac. Also can cut down on costly repairs. An ac unit is just like your car, neglect it and it may leave you with a big problem. Hope this is helpful information. It always surprised me how many people don’t realize their ac needs to be maintained. Furnaces do as well, for all you up northers.

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Troublesome Home Watch

A while back I came across a story in the news about a Home Watch company.  The lady doing the home watching took it upon herself to rent her clients homes out.  The people who trusted her to watch over one of their most prized possessions had to be in complete shock.  When the resident would return north for the Winter, their homes were being rented out by the week or month to vacationers.  Can you even imagine?

I know I have been saying the same thing over and over, but hiring a reliable, trustworthy company is so important.  The stories I hear are almost too bizarre to believe.  Not only do you need to sit down and talk one on one with the company you are going to hire, but do some other digging as well.  Google their name, check out their Facebook page if you can. Most importantly do a background check.  All very simple steps. Please take the time and protect yourselves.


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Home Watch & Concierge

It’s been a quiet month.  Just plugging away doing home checks.  Not finding any problems this month, which is good.  Last month, their seemed to be a fair amount.  I have a few of my customers down visiting their places right now, but the majority are home up north somewhere.  I have found that my customer base is split pretty evenly between the customers who come for the winter and the customers who just come here and there.

I really am enjoying what I do tremendously.  I have made some wonderful friends.  I am very excited to see what the end of season brings for me.  I am steadily moving up the Google rankings.  On page 1 in the top 5 for Concierge and on page 3 for Home Watch.  Over the next couple months, I am hoping to move up to page 1 for Home  Watch.  So as season comes and goes, the phone should be ringing more and more.  This has me very excited.  I do feel like a majority of people are going to find me via search engines.  Please remember to pass along my information to anyone you know.

Thanks for reading.  I hope your enjoying your day!


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Just a few of the more important tips when leaving your vacation home for the Winter.

Remove all patio furniture, plants, grills and anything else loose on your lanai.

Set thermostat and humidistat to desired settings.

Empty ice maker and turn off.

Shut water off to home and turn breaker off to water heater.

Disconnect garage door opener and latch garage door from inside.

Leave home watch companies name and number with the security gate.

Close blinds and leave a gap between the blinds and the sill.  Helps keep bugs away.

Lock all doors and windows.

Remove all opened foods from refrigerator and pantry.

Do not leave any garbage in cans.

Unplug all electronic devices.

Hiring a reliable home watch company can be one of the best decisions you make.


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Finding problems

Ever wonder if it’s worth it to have someone checking your home while you are not there? I am going to share a few of my experiences with you, then you can decide for yourself.

I receive a call from my customers guard gate that their front door is wide open.  I rush over to figure out what is going on.  The painters had left the door open when they left.  How?  I will never understand how they forgot to close the door.  Now if I wasn’t watching the home for my customer, who would they have called to check out the situation?  The guards do not take care of these issues for you.  On a side note, it probably would have been better to have me their while the painters were working, just so something like this does not happen.  Just think of the possibilities with your front door wide open!

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Hiring a reliable home watch professional!

Hiring a reliable, trustworthy home watch professional is extremely important.  I can’t tell you how many times I have arrived to meet with a new customer and am bombarded with horror stories.  Anything from there home watch company not showing up to missing mold.  It is extremely important to pay attention to every detail when you are taking care of someone’s home.

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