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Are you licensed?
Yes. Please see a copy of my license.
Are you Insured?
Yes. Please see a copy of my current insurance form.
How often should I have my home checked?
This is completely up to you and your comfort level. I do weekly, biweekly and monthly. I strongly recommend going no longer than every other week. However, I do have several customers that only have me check their home once a month.
Who will have access to my property?
I am the only person who will have access to your home.
Do you contact me after your visits?
Yes. I will contact you after each visit.
What happens if you find a problem?
I will contact you immediately. We can decide a course of action from there. A lot of problems I am able to handle myself. If I am unable to resolve the problem myself, we can coordinate repairs with the proper repair company.
Are their any errands to small?
No. If you need it done, I am here to help.
Can you take me to an appointment?